Puzzle Crush: Andy Warhol 'Flowers' by Galison

Yes, Andy Warhol 'Flowers' is our latest Puzzle Crush.

This vibrant 500 Piece Puzzle of the famous painting is made by Galison. See our Jigsaw Puzzle Completion video above.

So this Jigsaw Puzzle was a LOT more challenging than we expected! Great fun though, and just look at that beautiful end result. You could pop it in a frame and hang it on the wall. It broke our hearts to break it up again.

The yellow and orange sections were fairly straight forward however the pink and red sections definitely gave us a challenge (in a good way). The pieces come in different and 'non-standard' shapes which makes solving it a systematic job; looking for piece shape, not always pattern, when fitting the sections of block colours.

Galison puzzles are always superb quality and this is no exception. They fit well and the puzzle will stand up to the 'pick up' test on completion. (when you pick up a puzzle by the corners and hold it upright).

The finish is matte- sheen. No high gloss here to create glare making it easier on the eye to complete in bright light or under a lamp.

Did you know Andy Warhol never wanted to be a painter. He originally wanted to be a Tap Dancer! Visit https://warholfoundation.org/ for more great information on his works.

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