Puzzle Crush - The People's Choice ~2

We did it again! We asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook recently to vote for our next Puzzle Crush review!

The choices were: Coins by D-Toys and Dolls House Memories by Falcon

2 great puzzles, very different in style. (I have to say the coins puzzle did make us slightly nervous - haha!)

The winner is.....

Falcon Deluxe (part of Jumbo) have been producing quality puzzles for over 40 years and all that experience is certainly evident in this beautiful puzzle.

The box and the puzzle itself are made from 100% recycled cardboard which is great to know!

Dolls House Memories is part of their 'Nostalgia' Themed range. Artwork by Eduard Shlyakhtin. It certainly does bring to mind care free days and the joy of time spent with favourite toys and a child's imagination. Blissful.

The lovely detail in the puzzle makes it a real joy to complete and not overly challenging, saying that.. do not underestimate the patterned wallpaper and carpet.

The pieces are of superb quality and created very little dust on emptying.

We 💘

🧩 The environmentally friendly cardboard used throughout.

🧩The quality of the pieces that fit well ad have a seamless finish.

🧩The reduced glare pieces that enable you to work on this under spotlights