Puzzles Company of the Month. Laurence King - Puzzles that get you talking.

Part of our mission when starting this business was to expand horizons for puzzlers and bring them joy with familiar brands and also introduce them to brands they may not have encountered before. To bring the new and interesting to the puzzling community.

We couldn't think of a better company to start off our 'Puzzle Company of the Month' blog than Laurence King Publishing (LK). If we are honest we have had a bit of a crush on these guys since we started.

So who are LK?

Established in London in 1991, Laurence King Publishing is now recognised as one of the world’s leading publishers of books and gifts on the creative arts. We work with some of the world’s best illustrators, designers, artists and photographers to create beautifully produced books and gifts which are acclaimed for their inventiveness, beautiful design and authoritative texts. - LK Publishing*

What we LOVE

The subject matter has a focus on the arty, creative and sometimes surreal. All of the Puzzles have a depth far greater than what you see on first glance. As you delve deeper into the images you will find clever references and quirky depictions of characters, films, artists etc... that create a wonderful diversion and make great talking points. See if you can spot Romeo and Juliette in 'The World of Shakespeare' or test your Movie knowledge with 'Inside the Chocolate Factory'. Adventure awaits with every title.

The pieces are of superb quality with very minimal dust. The images are in high definition with excellent colour. The finish is slightly matte so as to minimise the dreaded shiny glare.

The Boxes are beautiful and unique for every design. A valued keepsake. Our favourites are the World of Shakespeare and The World of Sherlock Holmes because of the way the image wraps around the edge of the box (Don't worry, there is a full size image of the puzzle on the back of the box too). Some titles also include a poster folded inside.

Titles from LK so far:

The Dream of Surrealism - Brecht Vandenbroucke

1000 Pieces

Piece together the artists, poets and muses behind the movement that turned the art world on its head, and then pushed it through the looking glass.

Wander the abandoned streets of a Giorgio de Chirico city and follow Salvador Dalí’s moustache and René Magritte’s bowler hat into a world where a pipe is not a pipe, Sigmund Freud dances a tango with a skeleton, lobsters answer the phone and donkeys tap out the rhythm on baby grands.

The Story of Impressionism- Marcel George

1000 Pieces