The Who, What and Why of Puzzle Subscriptions

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Where do We Start

Subscription boxes are a lovely idea aren't they? Someone else takes the time to understand what you want and like and curates content to send to you every month. Brilliant! If you are a foodie, like beauty and lifestyle products, or plants maybe. No trawling round trying to discover all the newest trends, flavours or the perfect Peace Lilly. It just turns up.

Best of all it is the surprise element; this is what has everyone hooked. The 'feels like opening a birthday present' kind of excited anticipation.

No wonder it is a booming market.

As jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, it struck us that there was a lack of companies catering for the increasingly discerning pallet of the modern Dissectologist (fancy word for a person who enjoys completing jigsaw puzzles).

Now don't get me wrong, there are some truly brilliant companies out there (and we will shout them out on our site)! We wanted to create a service and a community that brings the whole puzzling universe together. To share not only the best of the big brands but also; the curio's, brilliant artisan companies and publishing houses all in one place. We wanted to offer something really unique to our customers to celebrate the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles. The best part is that we do all the hard work collecting these pieces for our customers (we LOVE this by the way) and deliver them to the doorstep; Free of charge in the UK. We want our customers to feel that buzz of excitement when they see the package with our logo on every month.

It is important to us that we also bring the amazing puzzle community together. We want people to be able to share, discuss and review what is important to them in the jigsaw puzzle world through our social media presence @puzzlesubsription

Short Version Please

Puzzle Subscription will bring together classic household favourites, hidden gems and the new kids on the block of the jigsaw puzzle world for the first time in a monthly subscription. You get the diversity of an intensive online or in-store search with the stress free experience of a subscription service. We will also tell you about the puzzles and companies we send out to you, let you review and discuss them in our forum and generally enjoy an all in one Jigsaw lovers community haven.

2020 The Year the World Changed

Now we also had full time jobs so this idea has been around for a while, we just needed a catalyst (and time) to get set up. The rather dramatic and life changing events of the CV-19 pandemic were actually the impetus and 'oompf' we needed. We had the time to really research the market and get the right format for our online presence. What is apparent is that the new 'Normal' is going to see a massive increase in online retail and services as more people work from home / remotely and shopping habits continue to shift. But the beauty of this is that new and exciting companies and products will spring up to meet this demand and we will be spoilt for choice!

Sadly there will also be a lot of casualties in all of this and small companies and artists will find it difficult to be seen and heard. This is another massive motivation for us here at Puzzle Subscription. We want to find these companies, (like curators of rare artefacts), and champion them through our service. Get the exposure and a paying, reviewing audience to small businesses. When we support one another we all win right?

What was the First few weeks like?

When we went live and started to get involved with social media the response was incredible! If there is one thing we know about the puzzling community it is that they are really an amazing and diverse group of people; super friendly and supportive. We were getting organic likes and comments and followers from all over the world! When we started getting orders in at just week 1 we knew we were onto something that people really wanted, they just didn't know they needed it until now. We are definitely still in our infancy and a 'small business' ourselves but we have BIG plans.